About Us

Conveyor Technologies / CTI Automation

Located in the Lee County Industrial Park, Conveyor Technologies (CT) is a four-fold operation in the manufacturing, sales, installation and service of automated conveyor systems.  CT equipment is used to handle circuit boards throughout the assembly process.  The customer base expands across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Initially, the primary focus was automation for the electronics industry.  Over time, Conveyor Technologies began manufacturing pallet-handling systems for the electro-mechanical side of the electronics business.  These events lead to the creation of CTI Systems, a division of Conveyor Technologies.  CTI Systems is a manufacturer of conveyor systems for  non-electronic manufacturers and custom automation for a variety of applications ranging from custom work cells to custom assembly lines.

Both CT and CTI Systems contribute the impressive customer base to its employees who produce a top quality product while meeting aggressive shipping dates.  The “Whatever-It-Takes” attitude is reflected throughout the organization, beginning with top management and extending down to its professional staff of employees.  Each department is an extension of the others, and every employee works as a team member to meet production deadlines.

Conveyor Technologies has a web of outside sales representatives who cover territories all over North and South America to bring the customer and CT together.  Inside Sales Representatives and Product Information Specialists provide quotes, basic line layouts and machine specifications for the customers.  Layouts/specifications are then forwarded to Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and the design process begins.

After the design process is complete, the machines is configured, costed and released for production by the Industrial Engineering group.  From this point, Machinist and Laser Shop technicians begin to make the parts and fabricate the sheet metal.

Mechanical and Electrical Assemblers build and wire the conveyors, which are controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLC).  The PLC is programmed by an Electrical Engineer, then tested and inspected by Quality Control.  Each conveyor is carefully crated and shipped to its final destination by the Materials group.  Due to national and international shipments, a Materials employee deals with varying import/export regulations and multiple languages.

But the commitment to its customers does not stop at shipment of the equipment.  Highly skilled and trained Service Engineers install the equipment at the customer’s facility, assuring 100% customer satisfaction.  At the Sanford manufacturing facility, the Service Department is continually providing information and support to its customers.

Each conveyor is designed, built and shipped with pride and with the utmost attention to every detail throughout the manufacturing process.